Read? The Hen & the Pig Go To Breakfast (2)

Don’t follow but leverage on your favourite bloggers!

Same same but different!

Passive (Blind) Followers:

Buying: Favourite bloggers have bought so they rushed to buy.

Selling: Favourite bloggers have sold, reduce or cut losses. Many questions now?

Are they immediately aware?

Do they follow?

Worse still; their favourite bloggers cut losses but they average down.

Reactive (Intelligent) Followers:

They are the ones what SMOL said: Trust but Verify!

What is the likely outcome when they verify an investment thesis from your season and regular investment and financial bloggers.

You are going to suffer from confirmation bias!

What Uncle8888 commonly hear from his own ears and read with his own eyes on real people real followers on bad outcomes with their common justification – I no blindly follow leh. I got do my home works hor! I check this. I check that! …