In psychology, there is the term “Information Bias” which is the tendency to seek information when it doesn’t affect our actions.

Nevertheless, more information isn’t always better.

The instinctual shortcut that we take when we have “too much information” is to engage with it selectivelypicking out the parts that we likewhile ignoring the remainder.  In truth, that’s dangerous!

How so?

Because we tend to focus on those parts that narrates the world as we would like it to be instead of how it really is.  Thus, we ignore the risks that are the hardest to measure, even when they pose the greatest threat to our well-being.

We have an extraordinary talent in ignoring risks that threaten our livelihood, as if this willful ignorance will make them disappear.

And in the course of our “Information Bias”, we make allies with those who have made the same choices, …