When I first heard about the The Big Value Bag a couple of months ago, this was my initial thought:

It must be a bag containing specific grocery items that are heavily discounted from NTUC Fairprice. If I want to lower my grocery expenses, I probably should check it out REAL soon! 

Yet, I couldn’t find “such a bag” when I popped by the Fairprice Xtra outlet at Serangoon NEX.

Puzzled, I did a quick google and it landed me on this page. It was then when I finally realised that The Big Value Bag Is NOT A Bag!

It’s actually way more than that!

NTUC Social Enterprises like NTUC FairPrice, NTUC FoodFare, NTUC Health and NTUC Income have come together to come up with The Big Value Bag to help Singaporeans manage the rising cost of living. The Big Value Bag comprises discounts on daily essentials, cooked food, …