Most people tend to remember only the most popular financial bubbles among the many that have popped. However such occurrences are far more common than is usually believed, its just that you need to look in different places at different times, as they don’t occur in the same location frequently (in the long term they do).

Some of the bubbles that I can find more data on:

  • Financial Product  bubbles
  • Real estate bubbles
  • Commodity bubbles (far too many to list)

    • Uranium bubble of 2007
    • Rhodium bubble of 2008 (increase from $500/oz to $9000/oz in July 2008, then down to $1000/oz in January 2009)
    • Silver Bubble of 2011
    • Bitcoin bubble of 2013. (Went from a price of about $1000/BTC in late 2013 to less than $300/BTC in early 2015)

Other goods which have produced bubbles include postage stamps and coin collecting  among other things.

What’s important …