If you have not already know, there was a slight rebound in the global market yesterday (Friday, 22/01/2016) and following are some of the snapshots :

STI up 1.75% (44.39) to 2,577.09

Down Jones up 1.33% (210.83) to 16,093.51

Crude Oil crossed the $32 support line and closed at $32.19

The question is whether the upward trends will continue next week or the weeks to come? 

Of course, the correct model answer is : No one will know for sure! Having said that, at the back of China’s market-stabilising measure of implementing a reserve requirement ratio (RRR) on offshore banks’ domestic deposits as of Jan. 25, I think it is quite likely that STI will be in the green zone on Monday (25/01/2016). Note : This personal prediction is just for fun, please do you own due diligent.

Whatever the market sentiment …