If you have not read Part I, please do so for a more complete understanding of what this post on my guiding principles is all about.

Here’s my first 3 Guiding Principles underpining my new investing philosophy.

Minimise Effort

Before I get brickbats thrown at me from value investors, let me reiterate my belief that it’s definitely possible for a hardworking and savvy investor to beat the market’s return. Cue the sage of Omaha, his legion of super investors from Graham and Doddsville and various successful local investment bloggers.

However, the caveat is that you really need to enjoy prospecting businesses. Even after achieving financial independence or accumulating $10 million, I am pretty sure these successful investors would continue digging company reports and catch up on developments of companies they may be interested to invest in. They simply relish doing that!

For me, instead of putting in tons …