The New Normal Abnormal – Negative Rates

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With Bank of Japan being the latest country joining the Negative Rate group, there are a total of 5 countries having the “normal” rates. And i just wonder which country will be next to follow?

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Central banks that have gone negative: (Source B)

  • Bank of Japan: Rate is minus-0.1 percent for some reserves
  • Danish National Bank: Deposit rate is minus-0.65 percent
  • European Central Bank: Deposit rate is minus-0.3 percent
  • Swedish National Bank: Main interest rate is minus-0.5 percent
  • Swiss National Bank: Main interest rate is minus-0.75 percent

Start of abnormal being the normal?

Only US has raised the rate back last year. And in my view, there is a worrying trend where more and more countries adopted negative rate. They are …