I first came across this promotion shared by a financial blogger. This promotion was actually on the bank’s page for quite awhile.

I was excited. Like any typical Singaporean, I love freebies. Let’s be realistic here. It’s not some goodie bag, but actual cash. Sounds too good to be true? In this case, it is. The requirements are so simple. If you already have existing savings that you won’t need for 6 months, you can just open it. I decided to open the eMSA account.

Sharing is caring. So I shared this with my friends. Mehh, it’s only $20, the money dries up in one to two days anyway. But if we paid more attention to it?

Putting things into perspective

Huge thanks to fellow blogger Foolishchamelon and a reader who contributed the return in percentage terms. It is a 2.2% p.a return for $1800 …