Two weeks ago, I actually spent about a week in Taipei and Taichung with my wife and my in-laws. This was my first overseas trip beyond Johor Bahru in close to two years (akin to an eternity for a 30 year old Singaporean?) and there were some interesting revelations, which I have penned down below.

Time Slows Down During A Vacation

It has been almost one week since I came back and to be honest, the past week has been a blur as I readjust back to my daily and weekly routine. Preparing for lessons, marking, and of course, the housework.

Honestly, the past week seemed to zoom past at least twice as fast compared to the preceding week when I was in Taiwan.

Of course, one second is one second. But when you pack a day with activities that deviate from the norm (like going around night markets at 11pm or waking up …