I have just ended my second trip to Malaysia and will embark on my third trip tonight.

Just wanted to share a really delicious picture of KL Lamb Murtabak with all of you readers to remind you that 1 SGD is almost 3 MYR as we speak and going into Malaysia to enjoy some fruits of currency arbitrage might not be a bad idea at this time of the year.

( Just do it with more sensitivity as Malaysians do consider most Singaporeans arrogant and proud.  )

But more importantly, if you ever visit Malaysia over the holidays you need to reflect upon the life that you have chosen in Singapore.

Mutton Murtabak in Singapore costs around 7 SGD. It is relatively large compared to the one in Malaysia and is accompanied by cucumber dipped in tomato ketchup. The above murtabak is hardly considered cheap for the locals, it costs …