Do what we can control.

When I read Brexit is very likely at 12 p.m. I did the following:

Consider what size of equity to cash will I be comfortable with. Which are the counters that I am willing to sit through 20-30% loss.

Which are the low-dividends companys with high correlation with STI.

In 10 min, I took the following actions:

1) Take contra loss of Silverlake axis (recently bought)

2) Sold Singapore Shipping at a profit

3) Reduce ST engineering at break even price

4) Reduce SCI at 30% loss.

With earlier sale of FST and CMPH, I am now about 50% cash.

Again, luck played a part. I was ready to start buying if market goes down enough before the vote, but surprising market keep going up and I just start a small position on Silverlake which exited too.

Hey, I panic …