There is a reason why I track my stock portfolio performance.

Occasionally I would look at the percentage profit and loss of each stock. Currently it looks like this (see below).

I was reminded of the carnage in the Singapore stock market recently which saw the index fell from almost 3500 (April 2015) to almost 2600 (Jan 2016) – an almost 25% drop from the top.

And I was holding all my stocks all along (butt naked). In fact I actually increased my holdings from Jan 2016 to Aug 2016. I tend to buy more when my portfolio looks like a murder scene (lots of red).

“I’m always fully invested. It’s a great feeling to be caught with your pants up.” Peter Lynch

In retrospect, at one time in April 2015, my overall portfolio shows an un-realised profit of almost 9%. This swiftly transformed into -11% in Feb 2016. …