Create a side-income, everyone says. Well if they’re so clever, why don’t they come down and do it? It’s not as if you don’t try. Relax, we know it’s not easy. This really is a trial-and-error process; you need to experiment before you find the thing that works. In the meantime, here are some common mistakes that could be getting in your way:

1. You’re too focused on your skill set

This is the most common reason people fail to create side-income. They have a narrow perspective and believe that any side-income must come from something they are “officially” qualified for. For example, if you are an economics major, you might assume that the only viable side-income jobs for you involve finance or data analytics.

But what if your next door neighbour is willing to pay you $500 a month, just to accompany him on weekends to go paint walls? Remember, …