einhundert – 100 – one hundred

The other day I have shared with you this gigantic Cognitive Bias Codex.  It contains 189 different biases.  So far I have written about 100 biases that make you do dumb things with your money.  So, bear with me.  I am merely half way there in gathering awareness about those hidden flaws in my own thinking.

Anyhow, this 100-milestone justifies – in my biased eyes – a revisit of my personal Top Bias:

Bias Bias is the stubborn belief that we are less biased than we really are.

Everyone is prone to cognitive errors.  Some, more than others, but no one is exempt.  Coming to terms with the idea that you are your own worst enemy is the single most important thing you can do to become better in managing your money.

Daniel Kahneman, who won the Nobel Prize in 2002 …