Update on 6 Dec 2016: Do read the comments on additional information from SG Thumbtack Investor.  I will also be doing an amendment to this post following some inaccurate information I may have placed in the scorecard. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. However, my conclusion stands – there is no turning back!

Recently this company caught my eye when someone compared it to TTJ Holdings Ltd on valuebuddies.

This comment is by Ksir on valuebuddies
After reading the comment, I took a look at its latest financial statements and spotted this specific paragraph;
This paragraph amazed me. This is because I remembered I read SG Thumbtack Investor blog posts (here and here) on this company before.
Quoted from the 2nd post, SG Thumbtack Investor stated that “…upon TOP, the company’s income statement will show a nice boost to earnings of approximately 6.5 cents, and the balance …