For those of us in my generation, its a common phrase we use during our National Service.

In our little financial bloggers community, its definitely a breeding ground for lots of self-styled Indian Chiefs. Wink.

Let’s turn the tables and focus on us for a change.

If you are a polytechnic graduate, doing well in your career with frequent promotions despite not having a university degree, guess what? You often get well meaning advice to “upgrade” and study for a degree from classmates whose career are not going anywhere, but they are always on the paper chase thinking that more ABCs behind their names will help them in that promotion they so desperately seek…

You are single and happy but every stranger you meet always tell you to get married. Yet their marriage lives are not exactly what you call “bliss”…

You happy and contented being a believer of your own faith. You put the symbol of your faith outside your door. Then some strangers come knock on your door and tell you in your face your faith is wrong and you are believing in false gods…

To those over enthusiastic evangelists, how would you feel if some militant atheists come to your house and tell you its the 21st century already?

You enjoy life and never bother anyone. But everyone is always telling you how to live your life – with good intentions of course:

Don’t smoke – wait you get lung cancer. You die.

Don’t drink – can get liver cancer. You die.

You eating that fried chicken? High cholesterol. Wait you get stroke or heart attack. You die.

You buy Toto? You know the odds of you winning? See? If you save and 30 years later…

Eh, you look fat (how rude!), still don’t diet or exercise? Obese no good. I think you know the drill by now. You’ll get this and that.

And then you die!

Friends, in the long run we all die lah.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)