I have written yesterday, providing some thoughts on Sabana Industrial REIT’s (9.3% dividend yield) very busy 2016 year end of acquisitions, divestment and master lease renewal.

What was missing was how Sabana would finance the acquisition.

This morning the financing details are out.

Sabana will finance the acquisitions by raising SG$80 mil via rights issue:

  1. For each 100 units, you can subscribe to 42 units
  2. Rights issue will increase number of outstanding units by 310 mil
  3. The rights issue is renounce-able, which means that, if you do not wish to participate, you can wait for ex-rights, then sell off your rights (which will be subsequently listed on the SGX) to prevent the dilution

Fully funding by equities and no debt issuance

Recall in my previous article that net of the recent disposal of Pandan Loop, Sabana requires about SG$67 mil.

This Rights Issue will raise SG$76 mil, net …