This shall be the last post for T.U.B Investing in 2016.

This blog grew bigger in 2016 and I really appreciate everyone who read and commented. Without you, I will never be where I am today in this blogging journey.

To recap, here are some of the interesting things I did in 2016 as the writer of T.U.B Investing:

1. Started a Triple S Scorecard Online Course with Stockflock.

This was the initial start of the sharing sessions. Still remember the feeling I had when there were people who are interested in the Online Course.

2. Did an interview with “B”.

After that, I never did another interview because I started to engage in other “projects”. Will try to restart this in 2017.

3. A review of my Triple S Scorecard Stocks after almost a year and the enhancement to the Triple S Scorecard.

Up till …