During an “Evening with AK and friends”, someone asked if I was going to sell my stocks as market guru Hu Li Yang was expecting a stock market crash. I said we should stay invested as the market was still awashed in liquidity and money will go to where it is treated best. See:Evening with AK and friends.
So, what did I do in 2H 2016 in the non-REITs space? I made various purchases but, mostly, I was buyingDBS shares. Besides DBS, I also bought some shares of OUE Limited,PREHWilmarOCBCBreadtalkand Starhub.

(I am impressed by DBS’ cost management. Their cost to income ratio keeps declining.)

The narrative for investing in OCBC was similar to the one for DBS. Although all three local banks’ stocks looked cheap to me, my preference was for DBS because of the perceived cheaper valuation…