Asian Pay Television Trust – from IPO price of $0.97 to $0.38. Dividend yield of 18.4%!

HSYT came to me again to say this motherhood statement: :”The time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.Go buy APTT. Drop a lot! Dividend yield 18.4%,  P/B 0.45!”

Nice, worth a look! Except that this phrase sounds vaguely familiar…Rothschild or something. Anyway, a drop of $0.97 to $0.38 in 3 years is darn huge and it would be very interesting to point the blame at something, interest rate rise, China factor, franchise rights not being able to renew, e,t.c and seriously, this pointing finger is pointless and it is after the FACT that it has dropped. not before the FACT where one can profit immensely from…as with usual all talking heads. Still, its good to know what the risk are, if one were to decide to enter this Asian Pay Television Trust ( a spin off of  the …

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