Updates for my dividend portfolio for December 2016

Currently, I’m looking to cut more REITs from my REITs watchlist and probably add 1-2 companies into my non-REIT watchlist. Progress is rather slow (I’m only 58.5% of the way T_T).

  • Buy M1 at 1.915
  • Reasons
  • Valuations are near 2008 crisis levels as well as lower than the usual high range, Dividend Yield at about 8% (Crisis ~10.89%), P/CF at 7.5x (Crisis ~4.3x)
  • Considering the 4th Telco, even if profits are slashed by about 15-20%, we are looking about 6% yield which I feel I am comfortable with (REIT yield on a non-REIT blue chip :P)
  • Daily chart shows reducing selling momentum on the fisher transform (as well as a potential divergence), reducing volume, weak and sickly candlesticks as seen from the smaller bars (the last one has a shadow in the opposite direction of …