As promised, this is Part 2 of a very long blog post. If you have not done so, read Part 1: HERE.
Let us start this blog post with some gossip. Wah! Is Religare Health Trust going to be delisted?

You say, I say, they say. Hmm. ;p

Anyway, three big things happened in the non-REIT space for me.

1. A big thing was receiving a much¬†larger than usual distribution from Religare Health Trust (RHT)¬†which I initiated a long position in sometime last year at 88c a unit. The special dividend (which gave me a yield of almost 30% based on cost) came from them disposing a share of an income generating asset due to regulatory requirement. Including regular distributions this year, RHT has been a very rewarding investment for me. I am quite happy to continue holding on to my investment in the Trust as it continues to generate income…