Some ideas for 2017? LOL

Fallen angel initially is used to describe the downgrade of bonds to junk status. I remember attending the fifth person’s invest X congress that define fallen angel security to that that fallen 90%

I take 50% from its PEAk for it and I have the following:

90% fall Parkson Retail Asia

70% fall – APPT

About 50% (thereabout), the following:



Silver lake

All of them face varying challenges. With the exception of PRA, all are still profitable.


While PRA has no debts, ┬áits balance sheet is weaker than it seems. It’s current ratio is only about 1. Also there is no proper closure to its misadventure in Vietnam. There is emphasis of matter on the amount provided for compensation, and the AR didn’t shed much light either. Hence it didn’t score well in Coporate governance, especially in …