(4 things you need to know about your new CPF statement.)
I hope my blog has not caused too much trouble for the authorities.

Just like my passive income numbers, my CPF-SA numbers seem to have garnered a following as readers reminded me on Facebook that it is time. Even Facebook reminded me that it is time.

I guess sharing my CPF-SA numbers is inspiring to many readers and it helps them to stay the course.




Er… OK, I am not quite sure what to make of the last comment (and some say I am cryptic).

Anyway, although I thought I might skip it this year, a remark from a reader on FB gave me a nudge.

AK was old, fat and ugly. Now, AK is old, slimmer and ugly.

If by revealing my CPF numbers again, AK can be old, slimmer and handsome, OK, I do it…