Two recent events triggered me to do a bit of research.

  1. My son – having started Secondary Level 4 a few days back – asked me which job would be the best and whether he should target the Junior College or Polytechnic as his next step on the educational ladder.
  2. I saw multiple headlines in print and online media about Economic Forecasts for 2017 and sometimes even beyond.

So, have you ever wondered why Economists work so hard—to analyze data and to churn out forecast after forecast—on future economic developments?

Why then, assuming they believe their own forecast, don’t they get some funds (cheap to have in today’s zero-interest environment and easy to get with their excellent professional reputation) and invest them in the right financial vehicle which correlates with their forecast, and then retire and relax on a beautiful tropical island, sipping Piña Coladas while waiting for their forecast to become reality?

Why are so …