Will Noble Group do an OSIM or Swiber Holdings? The embattled commodity trader is currently at a cross-road as many investors wonder if it can pull off a dramatic recovery.

Once a blue chip stalwart in Singapore stock exchange, the Hong Kong based company is now trading at penny stock price level. The free fall of Noble Group share price wiped off billion of dollars from its market capitalization value and it would have being included in SGX’s watchlist had the Minimum Trading Price rule not being revised recently.

Crisis for Noble Group?

One of the worst fears among investors must be Noble Group becoming the next Swiber, which collapsed and went under judicial management in 2016. The fall of Swiber was due to the prolonged slump in oil prices causing oil and gas companies to cancel infrastructure projects. Another factor that led to Swiber’s shocking downfall was the amount of debts it took on. It was reported …