Recap 2016 & Looking Ahead 2017

Global markets were on a roller coaster ride in 2016 starting in really bad shape with market crash shouting all over the places but ending 2016 with a bang (for most markets in particular US).  FTSE STI however was flat for the year despite all the roller coaster ride and great volatility, ending with a dip of 0.068%.


Global markets suffered major sell off in January 2016 due to fear that China currency, the renminbi could be devalued further and FTSE STI fell below 2,600 before bottoming in February.  On the road to recovery, ECB provided further support in March when it maintained its low interest rate policy and expanded its QE.  Then came the shocker event in June when British voted for an exit from EU, triggering another global markets sell off thereafter.  However, the sell off was short-lived as markets rebounded strongly until September after investors …

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