A visitor to this blog asked about Keppel REIT (K71U) in the comments section of my Keppel DC REIT post. I’d been focusing on Keppel DC at the time, but I told him that I thought it would be a good time to enter Keppel REIT if the price dropped under $1.00. Following that, I began taking a serious look at Keppel REIT.

Keppel REIT has ownership of commercial properties in Singapore and Australia. They have stated in their FY2016 earnings release that 2016 was a “difficult year for the Singapore office market given the oncoming supply of office space and aggressive leasing efforts from newly completed buildings.” We can expect these troubles to continue into 2017.

Keppel REIT’s stock price reached highs of 1.13+ in late 2016, a sharp increase from the 0.90+ at the beginning of the year, representing an approximate 25%