“FYI pls,” Mr Tan said, “I’d like to introduce Siew May, who will be joining our headcount as per today. Tks.”

Siew May implemented a smile as she shook hands with her new colleagues. “It’s a pleasure to establish introductions with you,” she beamed.

Boon Keong received a notification on his shoulder – it was his buddy Tim. “Bro,” whispered Tim, “She’s not wearing a wedding ring. There is a potential opportunity to proceed with merger negotiations. FYNA pls.”

Boon Keong observed Siew May, who was still saying hi to everyone. She was beautiful – in a geeky sort of way – the kind of girl he could see but never touch, like the money in his CPF account.

“Dude,” he said, “She’s way out of my purview.”

Tim was undeterred. “Bro. If you want to make a move, please expedite. Someone like that will be taken soonest.” Boon Keong rolled his eyes …