Interest income for Feb 2017

Passive income post time! First one of the month is usually for the interest income received from our various bank accounts in Singapore and Australia. For certain months, we also receive interest income from the corporate bonds that we hold. And Feb 2017 is one of them. Which is why this post is being written towards the end of the month since I was waiting for all of the interest to be credited first.


  1. UOB One: S$205
  2. OCBC 360: S$111
  3. Stan Chart/CIMB/POSB/ANZ: S$50


  1. CapitaMall Trust Bond 3.08%: S$31


  1. NAB/ANZ: S$130

TOTAL FOR FEB 2017: S$527

I have been receiving questions on:

  • Why is my monthly interest income so high for my Singapore bank accounts?
  • What are my average bank account balances like?
  • How have I been meeting the minimum spending on the relevant credit cards?
  • What’s the point of earning higher interest income if I’m spending so much on credit cards? …
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