5 things you need to invest like Warren Buffett – and why you’d probably fail anyway

He is the leading light for investors worldwide and every word he says is scrutinised and studied by throngs of budding investors. There are endless articles, videos and newsreels out there featuring the life of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. It has reached a point where there are listicles citing unverified quotes from Buffett being shared by millions on Facebook. Everyone wants to be a billionaire investor, yet there is only one Warren Buffett and only a handful of billionaire investors that are worth at most half of Buffett’s wealth. This is a sobering shot of reality, buckle up.

It’s great to be motivated by Buffett’s success, but how many out there have the discipline to actually implement good habits and stay within their circle of competence for decades? Moreover, Buffett’s successes in the past can’t realistically be repeated today as the dynamic has shifted permanently.

A majority of investors assume …

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