I want to thank you… A friend shared your 4d pick at a gathering… I am a gambler and I bought the most… I have never won so much money gambling before…  He told me to top up my CPF but I have been thinking of buying a car…
(The above is not the full email.)

Remember this? Lucky!


Welcome to my blog. I will not tell you not to buy a car if you are one of the following:

#1 If you NEED a car and if you have the money for the upkeep, buy it. Upkeep? Yes, road tax, insurance, maintenance. You know. Upkeep. Paying for fuel, parking and ERP are just the smaller expenses.

#2 If you are able to make more money from owning a car, why not? If you are an UBER driver renting a car now, for example, you could save (what an UBER driver told me) $70 a day in rental. That …