March: The Month of Financial & Political Minefields


One and a half month after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the President of United States of America, the world is still trying to figure out his stand in foreign affairs. The immediate concern of the financial market right now, is to see whether President Trump is able to pull off his promise of lowering the US tax rate and increasing government spending at the same time. With US budget discussion in full force, the financial markets are scrutinizing his every single move to see how the debate will lead to. It is the promise of a Trump fiscal push that lead to the current stock market rally, and the failure to deliver a huge government spending will probably lead to strong disappointment in the financial markets.

Other than the closely watched federal budget discussion, March is also filled with many major political milestones that will trigger a change in mood of the current market. Here are the list of other market moving events: …

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