Why Heartland Boy Switched To UOB One Account

The OCBC 360 Account has always held a special place inside Heartland Boy’s heart. Convincing Heartland Girl to switch to OCBC 360 Account was the first finance related advice that Heartland Boy ever recommended to her. Heartland Girl beamed with joy whenever she saw the huge monthly interest rolled in. This recommendation cemented Heartland Boy’s position as a dependable personal finance consultant in Heartland Girl’s heart. Since then, any finance related recommendation by Heartland Boy was greeted with staunch submission and unreserved approval from Heartland Girl.

With the second change in as many years to the OCBC 360 Account, Heartland Girl’s interest rate had dropped drastically from 3.05% to 1.85%. Now the smiles have stopped. The unstinting loyalty is also in serious jeopardy. Unsurprisingly, the online personal finance community also reacted negatively towards this change. Well, Heartland Boy can only conclude that the reduction of interest rates is …

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