It happened again. I had lunch with an ex-colleague back from that phase in my life when I served my corporate duties and built up the foundation of my finances.

TACOMOB: “How are you?”


TACOMOB: “Busy with what?”

CW: “Busy with work, what else?”

TACOMOB: “Why are you not busy with life?

CW: “Actually, I am busy all of the time.”

TACOMOB: “What are you doing outside of work to keep yourself so busy?”

CW: “What do you mean?”

TACOMOB: “Well, for example are you keeping yourself ‘busy’ with taking care of your own business?”

CW: “My own business? I don’t have any business of my own.”

TACOMOB: “Yes, you do. Everybody does. It’s just that not many people are consciously aware of it because they are always so busy working …