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Dr Tee建立的乐观指数策略让投资者知道哪种投资(股票、外汇、产业、商品、债券等) 可以安全进场;何时买入;何时卖出;或选择长期持守。迄今已经有超过1万名人士从Dr Tee为大众提供的高质素免费课程中受惠。马上行动,利用你的金融知识进行投资,开始你迈向财务自由之旅。

The safest time to buy a stock is when everyone is afraid the sky will fall down while the business is still operating normally with consistent performance. This could be a rare opportunity to buy during a crisis, we should learn how to take this advantage to truly buy low sell high.

The unique Optimism Strategy developed by Dr Tee provides a special advantage to know which investment (stock, forex, property, commodity, bond, etc) to buy safely, when to buy, when to sell, including option of long term holding.  So far over 10,000 audience have benefited from Dr Tee high quality free courses to the public.  Take action now to invest in your financial knowledge, starting your journey towards financial freedom…

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