The STI ETF has been doing a sideways dance since the first day I started investing in it on 24th December 2012. According to Stocks Cafe (previously SGXCafe), STI ETF has time-weighted returns (including dividends) of 13.2% during the same period.

Meh returns? I suppose.

I’ve always called myself an index investor, and not a passive investor. Index investing isn’t necessarily passive by nature. If you have a re-balancing strategy, you might have bought more during the early-2016 dip. Your returns might paint a very different story.

My favourite image that I keep reposting.

As of right now, the SPDR STI ETF price/earnings ratio is 13.10 🙂 Am I continuing with index investing? Yes, why not. Beside, Buffett has recently praised Bogle for the work he has done for investors. (Read more about Vanguard Group that Bogle founded, and the Vanguard Effect)

For decades, Jack has …