Be Aware Of The Lease On Your Dream HDB Resale Flat

Heartland Boy had previously explained that there are various reasons why young couples may choose a HDB resale flat over a HDB Build To Order (‘BTO’) flat. For instance, they may require a bigger space found only in the previous generation of HDB flats. For some young couples, they might place a premium on unique features such as an executive HDB flat or a HDB terraced flat which are both no longer available in newer generations of public houses. Unfortunately, the shorter leases attached to such HDB resale flats often do not cross their minds. As Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development, commented in his blog post, “I was concerned by the suggestion that some buyers are forking out high prices for older flats in anticipation of the benefits of SERS.”

Heartland Boy agrees wholeheartedly. While young couples are excitedly conjuring up images of their love nests, they …

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