Spending money on renovation is similar to investing whose chief aim is to get the most value out of our money.

Most would agree that the renovation journey can be hard especially for a first timer, and harder if you have no clue of what is in store. This post is to share some personal experiences on how to optimize the renovation budget and identifying areas for cost savings in cold hard cash.

Understanding renovation

As a first step, it is useful to know what covers the standard scope of renovation works. A typical quotation from an interior designer would have the following format

  1. Demolition Works
  2. Masonry Works or Wet Works
  3. Plastering Works
  4. Plumbing Works
  5. Aluminium/Door/Glass Works
  6. Electrical Works
  7. Ceiling Works
  8. Carpentry Works
  9. Painting Works

Except for demolition cost is purely labor, others will be a mix of labor and materials.


Even when the scope of work is clear, …