Seeing how the local tours (in Florence, which was my anchor city for this trip) were charging over 100 euros per person for a tour to Cinque Terre, we decided to DIY our own in order to cut down on costs!

In doing so, we managed to spend only 1/3 of what we would have originally spent if we went with the tour group!

Here’s how we did it:

Purchase a train ticket to La Spezia (we used trenitalia). If you’re unable to get the express train, you may need to do a stopover transit like we did in Pisa. The price for this train will depend on where you’re coming from and how early you book the tickets. In our case, we came from Florence (Firenze S. M. Novella) and bought the tickets 30 minutes before boarding, which cost us about 28 euros per person.

Get …