A year ago, I lend $20k to help a friend pay off tuition loan. That was when interest rates were rising and I managed to snap up AIMS AMP Reit and Capitaland retail China on the cheap.

Fast forward to today and with prudent savings and by not spending her bonus, my friend has paid me back. However, stock prices seem to have gone up now given the exuberance over positive Q1 news and I can’t seem to find any other counters that I would like to be vested in.

Should I continue to add to counters that I like but are trading close to NAV or wait till a correction while risk not having the passive income in between?

What would you do? I just started on my investing journey but I have an adequate emergency fund.

Aiyoh. I also dunno what to do. Stress.
I buy when I see value.

i guess saving and investing when i see value would be the best way to go …