8 things I learned from Delfi Limited’s 2017 AGM

If you shop the confectionery aisle at your local supermarket, you may come across a familiar brand of chocolate lining the supermarket shelves called Delfi. If you have the impression that Delfi chocolate hails from Switzerland, you probably wouldn’t be the first to say that due to the brand’s Western sounding name and skier logo superimposed on a background of a mountain range.

However, Delfi is actually produced by a company called Petra Foods that was founded in Indonesia by the Chuang family in the 1950s. The company was incorporated in Singapore in 1984 before listing on the SGX in 2004. In 2016, Petra Foods Limited changed its name to Delfi Limited to better reflect its corporate identity as the Delfi brand is well-known among chocolate lovers everywhere.

Delfi markets and distributes its own brand of chocolate products in the core markets of Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. In …

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