First, happy VESAK DAY to all Buddhist friends and for the rest, enjoy the mid-week Public Holiday!

Being a newbie retail investor myself, it is fun to make some casual observation when interacting with peer retail investors either in group chats or social media like Facebook, InvestingNote etc. So, decided to make this fun post about my personal observation of the types of retail investors “buddies” when in social setting. For those who have interacted with me before, please do not 对号入座 OK? This is just a fun post :-)

  1. The “Kang Tao” Hunters:

Most of the time, “what’s the kang tao*?“, “any kang tao?” texts/messages will be from them. To be frank, occasionally, I belongs to this type of retail investor too :-) Nothing wrong with that, I guess it’s a quicker way to gather information/tips (whether the information/tip is valid or not is …