So What About Singtel? (Z74)


I had a few lots of Singtel (Z74) in my portfolio a while ago, which I liquidated for a small profit when I wanted to park my money somewhere else. I have a habit of re-examining my past holdings to see if there is good cause for re-investment. I’ve already pumped some more money into ST Engineering. Now, I have my sights set on Singtel once again.

Singtel’s share price dipped in December of 2016 (alongside competitors M1 and Starhub) as TPG Telecom won the bid to become Singapore’s 4th Telco. After decent 3Q results, which saw net profit climb 4% to S$994 million, we saw Singtel’s stock price climb back up to 3.90+ levels, leaving M1 and Starhub in the dust with dismal financial results. However, in the past few weeks, Singtel’s price has dipped once more with international fund managers selling off …

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