No no, please don’t congratulate me. I’ve not settled on a wedding date yet, though I hope to soon.

But even before the planning starts, I’m already feeling the stress. Budget is one thing, but for me the worst is the support or lack of.

I’m a person with few friends. I’ve shared this in my previous entry. I texted a friend about my thoughts of getting married next year, but I didn’t get a reply. I was bothered by it for 2 days so I texted back. Busy, she says, ttyl. If I was a third party, I’d had said, forget it. But, I can’t. I’ve too few friends.

I turned to my colleagues about my plans. But it just didn’t feel right sharing too much. They don’t really want to know much either. “Keep quiet”, I told myself, “nobody cares about your wedding since it’s yours to begin …