There are ten Singapore stocks which investors should know with regard to their debt-to-equity ratio: they have the highest ratio among all Singapore stocks, let’s find out what these stocks are:

1) StarHub Ltd: 1600.92%

2) Luzhou Bio-chem Technology Limited: 812.55%

3) Del Monte Pacific Limited: 537.03%

4) CWG International Ltd: 384.04%

5) Asian Pay Television Trust: 374.24%

6) Oxley Holdings Limited: 272.83%</span></span></span>

7) Secura Group Limited :261.64%

8) Aspial Corporation Limited: 254.35%

9) Soo Kee Group Ltd: 233.23%

10) Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited:229.80%

As a fundamental rule of investing, I avoid stocks with high debt. Before we even seek profits for the stocks we invest in, we should ensure that the companies are fundamentally okay and are able to sustain their businesses. This means that these businesses should have a decent debt-to-equity ratio. However, some stocks do have generally high …