For newer readers, you might not be aware that I do share my current portfolio on my blog.

You can take a look at My Current Portfolio.

The tables are published from a Stock Portfolio Tracker, which is based off Google Spreadsheet.

It is FREE and to use it, you can read the instructions here.

This stock portfolio tracker is suitable for you if:

  1. You are more of a buy and hold investor
  2. Wants to track your portfolio based on transactions (buy, sell, dividend, bonus shares, rights issues, capital reductions)
  3. Auto-updates prices for stock exchanges supported by Google and Yahoo
  4. Familiar with how to use spreadsheets
  5. Likes to DIY

In the last few months, I added a feature called Portfolio History to it. Portfolio history simply takes the daily portfolio summary snapshot and archive it so that you can review it in the future.

Data from Portfolio Summary gets ported …