There are many conferences which cost hundreds and thousands of dollars which I wouldn’t recommend to go for. In view of this, a group of bloggers came together to set up BIGScribe to offer low cost and affordable financial education sessions for retail investors.

You might have already heard of the investor exchange 2017 which is a mega event by BIGscribe. This is a half-day Investor Exchange seminar where you will learn from 7 speakers handpicked by the BIGScribe team to share what works in the market today.

Some highlights of the events are:

  • Investors Exchange will feature 7 speakers
  • Topics covered includes stock investing, trading, property investing, scuttlebutting etc
  • There will be a tea break with light snacks for participants to mingle
  • There will NOT be any pitching, only sharing of information
Here are the topics and line up of the speakers:
1. Strategies for Successful Equities Investing 
By Teh …