I was unwell this weekend. Started developing a cold and cough on Fri before it got worse on Sat. Feeling better now on Sun after sleeping in for the past 2 days. Going for a more straightforward post about our net worth and passive income for June 2017 since I am still recovering.

Cash and Net Worth

If you looked at my expense blogpage, our cash savings for June 2017 is S$5,467 and the savings rate is 29.99%. It’s our worst performing month for the year. But what isn’t going to make sense is that our net worth went up by S$19,127 (i.e. +8.60%), which is our best performing month of the year. Much of this increase is attributed to our cash holdings rising.

I should explain this anomaly in more detail. Every month, I only add S$5,000 to our cash holdings in the Google Sheet regardless …