If time is money

And money can’t buy time –

How can time be spent?

Recently, I threw a surprise birthday party for the hubs for his upcoming 30th.

Inviting his close bros and buddies, it was to be a cosy gathering of friends, food and fun.

In the process of spending at least SIX hours of intensive planning over A MONTH with

numerous friends, family and stakeholders –

I picked up ONE Key take-away on how to budget for a surprise party, along with the

experience of spending over $500 on the entire event

Looking back, every penny?


So here’s the key-takeaway: Prioritise your spending.

Spend on areas where you need to, and save on areas where you should.

So where did the money go? Here’s a breakdown of where $537.18 went:

  • Birthday presents: $214.08 (41%)

Let me explain: This included 1.5hour long Bali massages FOR TWO in the heart of Orchard, AS WELL AS a 2D1N trip to Batam FOR TWO, inclusive of ferry tickets, land transfers, international buffet breakfasts, welcome …